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GALA COVID-19 Update #4 (July 31, 2020)

Dear GALA Parents, 

Thank you for your patience and submitting your student registration form(s).  GALA’s Return to School Committee has spent this week reviewing the student registration information, and we have begun to organize student class groups and staffing arrangements for this upcoming reimagined school year. We are excited to share that we are able to accommodate all of the requests parents made for their student(s) for the All Remote option (45% selected All Remote) and Hybrid option (55% selected Hybrid).  

We understand that other school districts have recently announced that they are no longer providing a Hybrid option to start the school year.  GALA has not made a change to the plans we initially announced, and at this time we are still planning to provide both the Hybrid option and All Remote option, starting September 1st.

GALA will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, and inform you if we decide to change our current plans.  We are aware of the recent recommendation from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health for schools to start remotely this fall and will use this information to determine what adjustments may need to be made to our current plans to best serve our school community.

Student supplies lists are currently being revised.  We will send a separate supply list for the Hybrid option and All Remote option as soon as they are ready.

More information will be shared in the coming weeks, including: a revised school calendar, details of our remote plan and daily schedules, daily schedules for the Hybrid option, aftercare plans, and schoolwide presentations to prepare for the school year,

If you have not yet done so, please take some time to read through the resources posted on our website at:  Specifically the COVID Response: GALA Return to School Safety, Sanitization, and Closure Procedures

Last but not least, we are happy to announce GALA’s new principal, Ms. Ericka Davis!  Please see Ms. Davis’ bio below and send her a warm welcome at

Ms. Ericka Davis has 15 years of experience as an educator. She has taught 12 years within the classroom from grades Pre-K to 5th grade. After teaching in the classroom, Ms. Davis joined the administrative staff through Curriculum and Instruction for grades Pre-K through 8th grade. She continued her aspirations to lead and was the Head of Schools for a charter school in Cleveland. Ms. Davis continues to sharpen her teaching skills through teaching Chinese students English skills and concepts online through VIPKid.  She is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She also has a Master’s Degree from the University of Phoenix for Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. Davis is a certified Real Time Teacher Coach for educators for management as well as instruction. Ms. Davis grew up in East Cleveland and is a proud graduate of East Cleveland public schools. She is the first high school and college graduate of her siblings. Ms. Davis is the proud mother of a son and resides in Cleveland with her family.

In addition to Ms. Davis, we have added more amazing members to Team GALA. See more at:

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