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Parent Testimonials


Love this school so much that I got involved and started volunteering often there. Really wish I would have had a school like GALA growing up. It's not just the language programs but diversity and a global perspective on all subjects and events.

Samantha Adeline

I love this school! My son started kindergarten this year in the Spanish Immersion program and he is already speaking some spanish. I can't wait to see this blossom! Thank you for giving him the opportunity to become bilingual at an early age!

Eva Peeples

Excellence in the making. Dedicated to the education "globally" of all children. Diversity at its BEST and HIGHLY recommended. I had the pleasure of seeing it at its beginning and now as it continues to grow. Wishing you all the very best always!

Kim Tyler Chappelle

28 Teachers


320 Students


17 Classes


100+ Years Exp.

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