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Dragon Room (中国龙班) – Kindergarten


Jing Votruba
Master of International Trade at China Agricultural University Bachelor of Bio-engineering at China Agricultural University

Ms. Votruba grew up in the beautiful city Yangzhou, China. After she graduated from the China Agricultural University (CAU) in Beijing she worked as a college student counselor for two years at CAU. In 2009, she received her Master’s Degree and moved to the United States. Since then, Ms. Votruba has worked as a teacher in both Alaska and Colorado. She taught at the Colorado Springs Chinese Language School for four years, and worked as a Mandarin Immersion Language Teacher at Global Village Academy in Colorado Springs for one year. Ms. Votruba loves teaching and loves to use her language and teaching skills to nurture the students at GALA.

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Love this school so much that I got involved and started volunteering often there. Really wish I would have had a school like GALA growing up. It's not just the language programs but diversity and a global perspective on all subjects and events.

Samantha Adeline

So lucky to have a free language immersion school in our neighborhood. The economic, cultural and ethnic diversity is excellent and important for a rounded healthy education inclusive of heart, mind and spirit.

Daniel Patrick McNamara

I love this school! My son started kindergarten this year in the Spanish Immersion program and he is already speaking some spanish. I can't wait to see this blossom! Thank you for giving him the opportunity to become bilingual at an early age!

Eva Peeples
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